Water Working Group


 Within the context of the Mission of the Environmental Justice Caucus, the Water Working Group will work on establishing and maintain connections with other organizations; production of education materials such as working group open meetings, presentations, video recordings and different projects; research and support of the water legislature initiatives.

EJC Water Working Group considers following issues in New Mexico as highly important:

  • Ongoing drought
  • Water conservation
  • Aquafer pollution prevention
  • Produced water use
  • Water use and water management
  • Urban areas temperature increase
  • Water consumption in cities
  • Climate change
  • The Rio Grande Compact

Examples of environmental injustice in our frontline communities:

  • Water pollution
  • Water scarcity

How can we help to build healthy and water sustainable communities?

  • Preserve local ecosystems
  • Funding for strategic water reserve
  • Law compliances watch
  • Water legislature