Renewable Energy Working Group


 Within the context of the Mission of the Environmental Justice Caucus, the Renewable Energy Working Group will work to empower communities across New Mexico to build energy democracy through solutions that are sustainable, clean, local, and ours/

Energy democracy means

  • Providing Access to reliable and affordable clean energy.
  • Sharing ownership of energy assets, access to the jobs and wealth related to those assets, and decision making over energy systems in New Mexico.
  • Working together to address the climate crisis and protect the health of humans and all living things.
  • Standing in Solidarity with communities most impacted by pollution, economic exploitation, and climate change in their fight for Environmental Justice.

Energy systems must be clean, local, ours. 

  • Clean means protecting our health, reducing our energy costs, and safeguarding the environment by stopping the climate crisis among other things.
  • Local means based in local communities, developed by community members, designed to serve community needs.
  • Ours means owned by the people who use them in order to build community wealth for all while addressing historic injustice.  Such democratically owned and controlled energy systems can be publicly owned (known as public power) or cooperatively owned (see community solar cooperatives).


The Renewable Energy Work Group will work to achieve energy democracy through

  • Community Education on Community Solar, Public Power, and other topics.
  • Action: organizing and advocating in our communities for progressive legislation, regulations, and programs that achieve energy democracy.